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About Universidad de Las Palmas de Gran Canaria (ULPGC)


Why choose ULPGC ?




The aim of the degree in Marine Sciences is to provide interdisciplinary training that integrates skills in coastal management, fisheries and oceanography, as well as knowledge on the functions and potential of living beings.


Teaching staff list


Courses taught (download PDFs study guide)


What you will study


Year 1

As an integral part of your studies, you will learn core laboratory techniques and study compulsory courses to reach skills in maths, physics, geology and biology.


Year 2

You will begin to specialise in specific science areas.  There are opportunities to study oceanography, marine biology, sea chemistry and physiology of marine animals and plants.


Year 3

You will learn specific aspects of oceanography at different levels (biological, geological chemical and physical), as well as topics such as marine pollution, marine ecology, coastal management and living resources.


Year 4

You will learn at a deeper scientific level in the first semester. There are optional courses related to aquaculture, marine geo- resources, statistics, fisheries, water quality.

During the second semester, you are offered the possibility of going on a working experience either at the university or in related companies. Also you will work on end of year project.